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INSTALLATION / Before applying iRing, wipe-off any dust or oil on your device/case with a wet tissue and let it completely dry. REMOVAL / To detach the iRing lift from one corner slowly. CLEANING / When the adhesive weakens from dust or dirt, run the surface of the iRing under running water and let it air dry completely. This will help the adhesiveness recover.


The adhesive will NOT hold firm on AF (Anti Fingerprint) coated, curved or silicon based surfaces. Only use on smooth flat surfaces. Anti-fingerprint coating or selective protective film may NOT adhere well with iRing. iRing may NOT work with some silicon based material and leather cases. Heavier devices, such as iPads/tablets must also be supported with your hand. When washing the surface which iRing will adhere to, DO NOT use thinner or methyl chloroform. When detaching iRing from your device, pulling the ring forcefully may damage the product. You must follow the proper “removal” instructions.Touching the adhesive will damage the surface and cause permanent loss of adherence. Use iRing as a gripping aid to prevent dropping your smart devices. iRing does not guarantee the prevention of damage as a result of accidents, negligence or improper use by the user. The adhesive strength will vary depending on the smart device or case or material which it adheres. Please test strength of adhesion on user’s smart device, cases or other materials.

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